Create and add real value to our customers throughout the shoe developed and manufactured by us.

Be flexible, innovative and proactive to the needs of our customers.

Enhance the teamwork with the client.

Promote integrity and honesty in business and relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, regulators and the general public.

Focus on continuous improvement.

The Cruzeiro , in addition to comply with the applicable national and European legislation on working conditions and pay, the environment, hygiene and safety, has been thought and also continue to develop and implement additional measures to enable it to evolve in a responsible manner , decisive and sustained.

Accordingly, our aim is to to create the most fair and appropriate for our employees with particular attention to all matters related to working conditions, pay and benefits, training and staff development and recruitment.

The preservation of the environment is also a concern of Cruzeiro and assume that as a factor essential to a sustainable development strategy. Therefore, we want to adopt a more responsible and proactive in defending and protecting the environment and the widespread implementation of measures that reduce the negative impacts to the environment of our business.

Likewise, we continue to implement and support the possible measures to strengthen and support our contribution within the social responsibility of our company.